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Actual User Testimonials

"Quite honestly I am so impressed first you offer a refund policy and second it was done immediately upon requesting- I will definitely spread the word for those looking for dirt in future and listing it."
- Heather Y., Menlo Park, CA

"Thank you for your quick reply. I can't ask better then that for your commitment you make on your website. You stand by your promise."
- Luke

"Thank you for your quick response. I was very pleased that you responded the way your website indicated that you would. If my needs for more dirt come up come up again, I will be back in touch. Once again, thank you!"
- Earl

"Thank you Eddie, Much appreciated."
- Tim P.

"Thanks for the refund!"
- Mindy F.

"Thanks for your prompt and great service even after the sale."
- Louis

"Thank you, Sir. The $4.99 didn't bother me as much as the fact that the phone number given for contact reached a person who had no idea what I was referring to. I realize you cannot have complete control of what your users place on-line, and I appreciate that you have so promptly handled the matter. That counts a great deal. Thank you once again!
- Allan

"Eddie, Yes, your refund policy is clear and refund process is prompt. You are trustful. I just did not have luck to connect to anyone who needs free dirt in my area. Have a great day!"
- George

"Freedirt lived up to their promise and quickly refunded my payment when the listing turned out to be outdated. I will continue to use and recommend their service!"
- Curt O.

"Thank you for the refund and being honest and trustful. I’ll continue to use freedirt.com for my future projects."
- Jane Tian, NY

"I found the FreeDirt.com easy to use, and they stood by their refund guarantee when results were not achieved. I will definately list with them again.."
- Matt Huddleston

"I am very happy with the ability to post availability of dirt in this web site. Though I did not finally get to sell it, I must say the overall experience has been very good. Freedirt.com sent me a reminder about the potential expiry of my posting, and was very honest and timely, and adhered to their declared policy of reimbursing the posting fee should there be no buyers."
- Bhavani Sankar MV

"Thank you for the refund. Your promise was honest and trustful. I have searched "FreeDirt.com" for several years, and with this economy, I found very little in my immediate area. Although, your concept is ingenious. I am very surprised that I received no inquiries at all. I thought that I could generate a little work for myself, but like I said, the economy is horrible here in Massachusetts. Once again Eddie, thank you for the refund, and your integrity."
- Stephen Tardanico

"Thank you for your assistance and refund of the listing fee. I found your site easy to navigate and use. The PayPal service was also very efficient."
- Mel & J

"Thank you for your no-hassle refund policy. It was as easy as I asked and it was provided. It is refreshing to find other businesses that back up what they say with their actions. I will continue using your service. "
- Bruce Fields

"Thank you for the refund. I did get a few calls so I think your site is great but I wasn't able to figure out the logistics is all. I appreciate your no questions asked on the refund and have to say I would pay the money without a refund next time so maybe think about keeping half the money or something. Just an honest suggestion. Thanks again."
- David Carlin

"Yes. You did refund the money. No questions asked. Thank you. "
- Rebekah Rook

"It's a great site for people that have dirt to get rid off or find dirt fast and cheap. But Unfortunately for me no one was interested in my little load of free dirt, and as promised after my listing expired I was refunded no questions asked and promptly too!"
- Julio Coats

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